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  1. KayBee

    Reduced price For sale: O2 with R10k 250MHz, 768Mb RAM, AV card

    For sale in Southern California. Top case not cracked or broken, prefer not to ship. $450 Like the other O2 I am selling, these are spare machines that I haven't used. I decided to keep two O2 machines and sell my spare O2s. Prefer not to ship, Paypal or cash. Thank you. KB
  2. KayBee

    For Sale: O2 with R5k 300, 224Mb RAM, 2 drives

    O2 in Souther California, upper case not cracked or broken, was used for ProEngineer according to what's on one of the drives. $500 not including shipping, but prefer not to ship. PayPal or cash. Thanks. KB
  3. KayBee

    Reduced price: Octane for sale, R14K 600 MHZ, ESI Graphics, 5GB RAM, Cherokee, external CD-ROM. $500

    Hi All, Selling another Octane, I prefer not to ship since these things are heavy. I have not done anything with this machine other than boot it for pictures. Located in Los Angeles. I would also trade for an M1 Mac mini.
  4. ghost180sx

    Sun 501-2655 (X1056A) Sun Fast Ethernet 1.0 Adapter

    Working adapter which I can't use on my Sun Ultra1 170, because it's not compatible. Seen by the PROM and by the OS as present, but can't get drivers to load. Not a big deal, as this belongs in a Sun4M machine anyways! Boost your vintage SparcStation lunchbox or pizzabox system with 100mbit...
  5. ghost180sx

    FS: (SOLD) Three SGI Bigfoot 9500801 Keyboards (Not PS/2, older proprietary protocol!)

    For sale are three SGI Bigfoot keyboards Part Number 9500801. These are for older systems like the Crimson, Indigo and so on that do NOT use the PS/2 protocol but instead SGI's older serial proprietary protocol. These are getting quite rare now and unless you want to buy a converter, important...

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