1. KayBee

    KABoing completed

    Greetings Again, I finished the Amiga Boing-style demo for SGI. This finished version has better sound and an old-school intro. It runs with sound on my 300MHz R5k O2 and Octane, I'd be interested what other machines it runs on, particularly any Indy configurations. Please leave a reply if you...
  2. KayBee

    KABoing Beta with Sound

    I have hacked some sound into it and now it's anti-aliased. It uses ~6% cpu on my 400MHz Octane. It currently does not run on O2 though Flexion ran it on Indigo2. The sounds are my son hitting the aluminum garage door, recorded from inside the garage. I read that is how the "Amigans" did the...

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