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  1. Elf

    The most important piece of hardware for the modern SGI enthusiast

    This is something that I posted as a joke in chat after some contentious discussion about government shutdowns in the #hardware channel and someone noting it was off topic. I think the discussion had the potential to be on topic, if in a rather roundabout way ;) Since it was requested...
  2. Elf

    Silicon Graphics / IRIX 13W3 and Sync on Green (SoG) solutions

    The first thing that people often come across when using older SGIs is the 13W3 video output. The one and only solution I recommend to this is the famous "DIP switch" cable that adapts from 13W3 to a standard HD-15 VGA connector. This cable is in current production by, and can...
  3. Elf

    Tezro External SCSI

    I have been working with (and having some since resolved troubles with) Tezro SCSI lately. The Tezro has a separate external SCSI bus coming off the back of the IO9 card, which uses a 68-pin "micro centronics" a.k.a. "VHDCI" connector. In case anyone wanted to use external SCSI storage on their...
  4. Elf

    Tezro voltage regulators and rails

    Along the lines of looking at the PSU, I've also been investigating all the Tezro power rails, many of which are generated not by the power supply but instead by VRs / VRMs on various system boards. If referencing or duplicating this information, I ask that you maintain a prominent link to this...
  5. Elf

    Urban Exploration

    I have always enjoyed Urban Exploration. Due to different jobs I have held in the past I have had more access than usual to roof areas, utility spaces, steam tunnels, electrical rooms and things like that. There is something about mines, underground tunnels and railways, and large industrial...
  6. Elf

    Ugly Tezro power

    I'll discuss Tezro power supplies in more detail at a later time, but have a look at some nasty Tezro power! Super ugly. Probably needs new capacitors at the very least. Tezro owners, do you know what your power supply is doing? 😰 Also just a spoiler: there is more signaling going on...
  7. Elf

    Universal SGI disk solution: 15kRPM 300GB SCA SCSI drives

    Common wisdom (based on lots of discussions in chat) is that a more or less universal solution to storage on the SGI MIPS machines is the use of cheap and available 15kRPM 300GB 80 pin SCA connector SCSI drives, with an 80 pin SCA to 50/68-pin adapter if necessary. Specifically I am using the...
  8. Elf

    SGI Resellers

    Besides eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Reddit, and all of the other community solutions for looking for SGI gear, here are some of the SGI resellers: Mashek Systems SGI Depot (Goldscholl) B&B Solutions Although the prices will be higher than buying from a community...
  9. Elf

    Original Silicon Graphics pricing

    There was a discussion in the chat about original Silicon Graphics pricing. I've attached one of the found documents describing pricing from the Fuel, Tezro, Prism, Origin 350/2000, Altix 350 era; any others indicating original prices, from when SGIs were actively sold, are welcome! Please post...
  10. Elf

    Indigo 1 Power Supply Basics

    We're here again for Power Supply Basics! This time, the Indigo (Indigo 1) is featured. The Indigo is the oldest machine I own, so I won't be covering any 68ks or IRIS 4Ds unless someone in the area brings one to examine. The Indigo was a bit of a pain to figure out, only because I started with...
  11. Elf

    SGI Power Supply information

    This thread is for collecting links to posts about individual Silicon Graphics power supplies! Indigo Indy Indigo 2 (Impact & Non-Impact) O2 Tezro (non-PSU) voltage regulators and rails More to follow!
  12. Elf

    O2 Power Supply Basics

    It's time for more Power Supply Basics! This time of the Silicon Graphics / SGI O2. This one had less to figure out than the Indigo 2 and Indy. If referencing or duplicating this information, I ask that you maintain a prominent link to this original forum post for further updates, as well as a...
  13. Elf

    Indigo 2 Power Supply Basics

    As you may have seen, I previously did a writeup on Indy power supplies. I've recently examined the SGI Indigo 2 PSU, and while I won't be exploring it in the same level of detail as the Indy I wanted to share some of the basics. If referencing or duplicating this information, I ask that you...
  14. Elf

    RPM builds and version control

    @hammy was soliciting input on how to version RPM builds, given that a version of a build: Uses a specific version of source that originates elsewhere (usually in tarball form) Uses RPM spec files that originate elsewhere, but applies modifications to them to result in the final spec file to be...
  15. Elf

    Octane drive sleds

    Xav101 (chat) is constructing a 3D printable design for Octane drive sleds and asked for a measurement. Rather than trying to take the one measurement by hand I started to construct a dimension accurate drawing based on scans. I have attached the initial pass and will see about adding...
  16. Elf

    Join the SGIdev GitHub Organization

    Hi all, Are you developing or porting software for IRIX or SGI? Are you interested in collaborating with other developers working on SGI software? Would you like to keep your development or porting efforts in good company? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, post your GitHub...
  17. Elf

    Prefix for ports and packages?

    Hi all, There has been a lot of talk over a standardized path for new ported software for IRIX. Many people have had different suggestions, and so @HAL suggested opening up a poll. You can suggest a maximum of two choices to be added to the poll if they do not already exist, by posting them...
  18. Elf

    SGI Video capture with Magewell USB Capture DVI+

    I bought a Magewell USB Capture DVI+, which supports DVI, VGA (with Sync-on-Green), HDMI, and Component. The idea is to not require another physical monitor for my SGI, but instead display the video output in a window on my regular desktop, as well as enable recording the video output. I picked...
  19. Elf

    User recognition and titles

    There have been some thoughts lately about adding another title for the forum and chat to recognize that have contributed a lot or are good sources of information for the community. A variety of colorful suggestions have already been put forth and there is no clear consensus. Personally I just...
  20. Elf

    About the User Group, and Guiding Principles

    Welcome to the Silicon Graphics User Group! The Silicon Graphics User Group grew out of SGIDev (developers interested in porting modern software and development tools to IRIX) but now encompasses a fully featured community including: A landing page at A Discord chat server...

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