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  1. Elf

    Onyx4 UltimateVision issues (#1 console=g)

    Maybe look in chkconfig for X-windows related things that aren't switched on? You might also want to check which init runlevel you are in once you boot.
  2. Elf

    Software for PA-RISC 1.1

    I just looked at the places I know, and I am seeing the same thing you are. It's unfortunate that there don't appear to be any (obvious) archives of the old packages?
  3. Elf

    Free to good home: SGI Indy Workstation, with original PS2 Keyboard

    If you end up not being able to hand it off to someone else directly, I am in the Portland metro area, drive through Boise occasionally, and can box/test/ship it for others.
  4. Elf


    Welcome, and good luck with the Indigo 2 :)
  5. Elf

    Free to good home: SGI Indy Workstation, with original PS2 Keyboard

    Welcome, and thank you for putting this up! :) You should be able to just drag and drop images into the text box for a post.
  6. Elf

    Japanese SGI magazines and books

    Nice :)! Super Power Guidebook I want to know more! (1995).pdf! Super Power Guidebook I want to know more! (1995) CD (SGI FTP server 1995)..iso (That SGI FTP dump is so compact, the PDF is almost as large! Amazing how...
  7. Elf

    Testing a SCSI SCA SSD from Red Rock Tech...

    Thanks for posting! I remember seeing the challenges with this in the Discord chat; quite the investment for the Tezro, hopefully it stabilizes! :)
  8. Elf

    350 Mhz O2 CPU Back From The Dead

    Not entirely surprised I guess; those resistors don't usually just go that bad on their own, so usually something downstream will be drawing too much current. It could be the line side capacitors, or maybe the switching MOSFETs, or a whole host of other smaller things.
  9. Elf

    Silicon Graphics screwdrivers!

    I had one where the body of the screwdriver looked identical to that, except it was from Reputable Systems, the now defunct SGI reseller
  10. Elf

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    Interesting, looks like an FPGA based reproduction of the original chip?
  11. Elf

    WSI WeatherProducer 3.0

    In addition to what gijoe said, he also has a YouTube channel:
  12. Elf

    Fuel does not power up

    Yep, it's worth mentioning (as above) that, for the Fuel, you can use a sufficiently spec'd ATX power supply with an adapter: Troubleshooting via serial as...
  13. Elf

    Japanese SGI magazines and books

    Thanks :) World 06 (1998).pdf World 10 (1998).pdf World 11.pdf
  14. Elf

    350 Mhz O2 CPU Back From The Dead

    Ouch, interesting, you only sprayed down the CPU connectors and nothing inside the power supply? Maybe it was on its way out anyways 😅
  15. Elf

    350 Mhz O2 CPU Back From The Dead

    Great troubleshooting work! It is interesting what kind of problems are happening -- physically, electrically -- with machines of this age. I have a similar intermittent failure issue with some Fuel RAM slot connectors and probably need to go through the same sort of exercise.
  16. Elf

    WSI WeatherProducer 3.0

    Welcome! :) I haven't heard much about the Weather Channel hardware or software outside of what techknight (on the Discord) has talked about, but I assume he's part of the same group you mention so that probably isn't a great help. Good luck with the search though, and hopefully someone knows!
  17. Elf

    Japanese SGI magazines and books

    Also uploaded; thanks again :) Indigo Magic (1995) - SGI World 1 - SGI World 2 -
  18. Elf

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! It was nice to see (or rather, hear) that you are into music production as well, on the Discord chat :)
  19. Elf

    Japanese SGI magazines and books

    Noticing the time limited download, I saved it at Magic (1995).pdf
  20. Elf

    Japanese SGI magazines and books

    Very nice, and thank you! :) I'm always amazed how much happened with SGI in Japan.

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