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  1. Elf

    O2 power supply problem

    I have characterized the O2 supply here, which will give you information for being able to test it outside of the machine: However, unfortunately, I don't have troubleshooting advice for within the supply itself.
  2. Elf

    The UNIX Files - An update

    It has been a while, but it will be nice to see the site take shape :)
  3. Elf

    MIPS CPU prototypes

    Wow, very cool and great shots. I suppose you can save and export the images? :)
  4. Elf

    Anyone have any go-to hacks/exploits to get IRIX root access?

    Nothing specifically on hand but a search of the SUID root binaries combined with a CVE search may yield interesting results :)
  5. Elf

    NFS weirdness

    Reposting from the Discord chat due to it being both interesting and relevant / worthy of preservation :) rpajarola: I had a lot of trouble with IRIX+NFS (as served from Linux). I usually resort to unfsd for serving stuff to old machines, and it makes most of the problems go away rpajarola: I...
  6. Elf

    Netsurf 3.10 for IRIX

    Great milestone, and excellent work by everyone involved :)
  7. Elf

    FS: SGI Indigo Carrying case.

    I can see them! Certainly a nice case :)
  8. Elf

    Troubleshooting Visual Workstations 320 and 540

    It looks like both codes are RAM related as you say, at least according to the owners manual (which it seems like you have read, but I have attached for both just in case). If swapping the modules does not help, perhaps the socket has oxidation or corrosion? Or perhaps something further in has...
  9. Elf

    Universal SGI disk solution: 15kRPM 300GB SCA SCSI drives

    I had to hunt around a bit to find extras, but here are some photos of the adapters I use. I removed the eBay links above. You can find boards very visually similar to the ones below, and please report in if you have any success with them, but I did not want to endorse any particular vendor...
  10. Elf

    Indigo 1 Power Supply Basics

    Ouch, that is tough; sorry to hear that :( My guess would be the zener was regulating something that got unhappy with either being pinned to 0.7V (instead of 15V) or went open loop, depending on which way the diode was supposed to be.
  11. Elf

    Indigo 1 Power Supply Basics

    That is the trouble with repairing a lot of these power supplies; unfortunately there are a lot of parts that are difficult to characterize. Gets tough especially on the parts without markings. It might look like a regular diode one way, but without fully characterizing it you'd never know it...
  12. Elf

    File Looper v1.0.0 for Tru64 V5.1B-[3456]

    Quite the achievement to go that far without good docs!
  13. Elf

    File Looper v1.0.0 for Tru64 V5.1B-[3456]

    Interesting! I am not a Tru64 user, but I can appreciate the effort :) I would guess some custom kernel modules were involved?
  14. Elf

    Another Indigo2 psu died...

    I definitely understand not wanting to sink further time into it. Even with a lot of tools it would take some time to find faults in these units, which is pretty much why I stopped at characterizing the inputs and outputs of the supplies.
  15. Elf

    Your gear

    Very nice! It is hard to tell that the desk wasn't designed that way :)
  16. Elf

    Another Indigo2 psu died...

    Hm, well, there are some steps missing in there and perhaps some mistaken assumptions. For example, there is usually some MOSFET switch bridge, between the high voltage DC and the transformer, that usually pulse width modulates it according to how much power it wants to generate. The controller...
  17. Elf


    Looks about right! I should also note that you may want to measure Volt-Amps (VA: that is, apparent power) or even just straight Amps (A), as well as Watts (W: true power). I think the Kill-a-Watt has a setting for this? While a wattage measurement indicates power actually consumed and turned...
  18. Elf

    Another Indigo2 psu died...

    Hm, I'm not sure I understand the question exactly... But, reading back through the things you have been tracing, it sounds like the 12V might be a bootstrap voltage from the HV side to power the switching logic? It is common for these sorts of designs to have a very low current, non-switching...
  19. Elf

    Your gear

    I like the left/right desk rack setup! Looks like it has the proper rails; was it a custom job or made for recording perhaps?
  20. Elf

    Another Indigo2 psu died...

    I would use a multimeter on continuity mode with one side held on that pin and brush the other probe across things.

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