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    Making FTI icons out of SVGs

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    New Member

    Hello and welcome :)
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    Drive sounds

    Hm, another thought is that you could probably use scsicontrol to inquire: It should provide back some sort of vendor and model data?
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    Indigo2 non-Impact Power Supply Repair - Hints welcome

    Good luck :)
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    Drive sounds

    I think Compaq and later HP rebranded Seagate drives, as indicated by that chip. Does the model number on the label indicate anything?
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    SGI Indigo2 IMPACT Back Up and Running

    Nice machine; I like the historical information on the door :) Thankfully RAM for the Indigo2 (and Indy) should be fairly easy to obtain on eBay still, as it is somewhat commodity:
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    Indigo2 non-Impact Power Supply Repair - Hints welcome

    I would suspect that if you see nothing from the PS/2 ports from power on that it is not (just?) the graphics at fault. However, it is also worth noting that the PS/2 devices generate the clock signal and there is only a clock signal when data is actively being exchanged. Monitoring from boot is...
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    Alienware Area 51 7500

    Nifty little control panel near the pump with the dip switches; is that the fan controller's interface? Very clean assembly overall :)
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    Indigo2 non-Impact Power Supply Repair - Hints welcome

    Definitely agree with what weblacky said about testing under load, and that the PSU is not necessarily the culprit for the overall symptoms you are seeing with the system. As recommended above, you might want to hook up to the serial console and see if there is any output? If you can get some...
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    Drive sounds

    You might try some mechanical decoupling from the drive tray / chassis; instead of using screws to fix the drives, try some rubber or sticky tack? The low frequency vibration is the beat frequency caused by the slight differences in their vibrational frequencies 😄 Another idea would be to put...
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    Ugly Tezro power

    There are similar things going on at work I will admit 😄 Outside of (paid) work I do have a lot of projects that might linger in various uncompleted states for quite some time, but, they still weigh on my mind and I do eventually get back to them; I haven't truly abandoned too much yet.
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    Ugly Tezro power

    Thanks :) Unfortunately for those relying on me I have way more things to do than I have time to do it in, by several orders of magnitude, and some things can only be done during certain times of the year (subject to weather and daylight and so on). I have more discretion in the winter months...
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    Ugly Tezro power

    Hi! During the majority of the year I was barely using computers at all outside of work, and had a lot of construction projects and time spent increasing my skillset in that area: buying heavy equipment and tools, doing dirt work, regrading, concrete, plumbing, and learning masonry (brick...
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    Ugly Tezro power

    Let me know what you find! Fixing this is still sort of a low priority for me, especially with the amount of work necessary to remove the board, but I will get around to it at some point.
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    UpgradE ISO(s)…

    Hi! Try the list of software resources:

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