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    O2 Power Supply Basics

    I apologize, I wish I could say! I did not try adjusting that or tracing it out. If you feel adventurous, you might mark its current position and try changing it? The only other thing that occurs to me that "Fmin" could specify is perhaps switching frequency.
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    Kuba Fuel PSU Adapter - back in stock

    It is true though that PCB traces do heat up proportional to the current through them, and that high power traces are often left without solder mask to be covered in solder to enhance their current capacity. There is even a nice calculator for such things in this toolkit (which I use...
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    Onyx2 holy grail machine

    It's hard to speak to prices, but I think there would be a few people around who are interested in all of those machines :) Last time I bought a Fuel they were in the $800 range, and the Indigo 2s maybe in the $300 range? However since then SGIs in general have become so rare that there is...
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    3D models for sgi case??

    I am not sure about the Octane, but I think some of the IRIX demos had an O2 case? It is worth a look, perhaps there may be an Octane model in there as well. I am sure others know more :) I have not seen anything for the Tezro although @kaigan is interested in 3d printing replacement plastic...
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    Octane2 PSU repair

    There are a few things that can throw off a resistance reading, for example: ESD diodes (reverse biased in operation) will constrain the voltage in one direction to ~0.7V Capacitors will charge off of the voltage from the ohm meter, drawing more current than just the static resistance, causing...
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    Octane2 PSU repair

    As @callahan suggested it can be difficult to discern if something else is shorting things out, but, that said, if there is an easy short it will be immediately apparent so it is worth checking. Tantalums can fail short although they also usually accompany that with some fireworks from the...
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    What is the Rarest Piece of SGI Hardware you own?

    Very nice PI :)
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    Dead parts wanted for photos

    Hi Jason, Sorry you haven't gotten much of a welcome, but I just wanted to say hi :) I apologize, at the moment I don't have any spare motherboards I can let go of, but I do have some damaged ones I use for tracing things back and it's possible I might let those go at some point. I took...
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    This sucks.

    It's amazing how much drama surrounds these old computers! :) Also I just wanted to say thanks for being an amazing ambassador between the two spaces. The things you say are reasonable and level headed. It is an interesting situation... as a community we would certainly recommend against trying...
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    Octane <> HDMI/DisplayPort Monitor

    Nice job on the USB host to PS/2 device bridge :) Even if it isn't fully functional, I know how finnicky those can be. I implemented something similar on a STM32 microcontroller a few years ago, left as a 70% finished project. You are right that they are very uncommon... There are many PS/2...
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    What I've been up to

    I know what you mean on the COVID thing, although it has been the opposite for me :P I am sure you have noticed but I have not really been around the SGI world for the past two months... Work-work has continued, but my days are jam packed with various things, ranging from our upcoming birth to...
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    The SGUG RPM Software Environment

    Yep, a work-in-progress that is too -in-progress for WIP :p Up to the individual of course, but my thought is: if you are making changes to other packages to rely on your package, and your package is not fully working yet, containing that in a feature branch can be a good thing until you are...
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    Is there a graphical "hello world" for C++ on IRIX?

    I don't have an IRIX terminal handy at the moment, but you might try adding: -I/usr/share/src/OpenGL/toolkits/include The -I argument to the compiler adds directories to the search path for includes :)
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    The most important piece of hardware for the modern SGI enthusiast

    This is something that I posted as a joke in chat after some contentious discussion about government shutdowns in the #hardware channel and someone noting it was off topic. I think the discussion had the potential to be on topic, if in a rather roundabout way ;) Since it was requested...

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